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January 16, 2017
BMS Schemes Services
January 16, 2017

One Touch offers internal and external pest control services for residential, industrial, commercial and maritime customers in Dubai. Rats and mice have caused serious fires by gnawing the insulation off electrical cables, floods by puncturing pipes, and have been known to chew holes in gas pipes. Pigeons and Starlings incur substantial cleaning costs to remove their nests and droppings, which are also reservoirs of insect infestation, can block guttering and damage stonework.In all aspects of pest control, prevention is better than cure and measures should be taken to proof buildings against bird and rodent damage.
These are the following areas:

  • High-rise Buildings

  • Offices and Shops

  • Hotel & Apartments

  • Villas

  • Labour camps

  • Warehouses

  • Shopping malls

  • Individual shops